This introduction to working with Apache Hadoop is designed for statisticians, as well as experienced SAS programmers with a background in statistics. The course is problem-driven and focuses on helping you understand what data scientists do, the problems they solve, and their methods. By taking a practical approach to the subject, including multiple hands-on exercises, you will leave class with skills that you can immediately apply to real-world problems. You will also learn how recommender systems can be leveraged in industries such as Health Care, Finance, Telecom, and so on.

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Course Highlights

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • 5 live classes of 3 hrs each by Industry practitioners
  • describe the role and responsibilities of a data scientist
  • explain several ways in which data scientists create value for organizations across many industries
  • locate and acquire data from diverse sources
  • use transformation and normalization techniques on both structured and unstructured data
  • determine the most appropriate type of analysis and modeling tool to use for a given problem
  • be able to implement an automated recommendation system
  • develop, evaluate, and refine scoring systems for recommenders
  • understand the considerations involved in working at scale
  • identify meaningful, actionable, and business-oriented results from the analysis.
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Online Self Learning


  • Introduction
  • Data Science Overview
  • Apache Hadoop Overview
  • Use Cases
  • Project Lifecycle
  • Data Acquisition
  • Evaluating Input Data
  • Data Transformation
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Recommender Overview
  • Implementing Recommenders with MapReduce and SAS
  • Experimentation and Evaluation

Who is this Course for?

Data scientists, SAS programmers, and statisticians who have some basic familiarity with Apache Hadoop

Before attending this course, you must:

  • be familiar with Base SAS software
  • be able to write basic SQL queries
  • have predictive modelling knowledge at the level acquired in Predictive Modelling Using Logistic Regression
  • have a basic understanding of Apache Hadoop at the level acquired in Introduction to SAS and Hadoop
  • This course addresses SAS/STAT software.
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Participant can attend the certifications exam.

It is mandatory that a participant to clear the online exam with minimum score of 80% to be Certified in Data Science with SAS.

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1. Who will be the trainer for the training?

Highly qualified and certified instructors with industry relevant experience deliver the training.