Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) training is a world-class professional development program designed to provide a solid foundation-level knowledge of Business Relationship Management. The BRMP® exam is designed to test an individual’s learning through rigorous examination providing a leading verifiable benchmark of BRM professional acumen and achievement.

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Course Highlights

  • Build a strong alignment between IT and the business
  • Plan a strategy that positions you as a trusted IT advisor to key stakeholders
  • Choose IT projects that build trust and alignment
  • Articulate IT solutions that meet business needs
  • Differentiate your internal IT services for competitive solutions

Active Learning Workshop

  • Experiencing trust first-hand through a dynamic simulation
  • Evaluating stakeholders to assess their level of influence and power
  • Documenting an IT organization's catalog of services
  • Negotiating business agreements
  • Assessing performance with a relationship-balanced scorecard
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Overview of Relationship Management

  • Why organizations need successful relationships between IT and the business
  • Balancing the needs of IT and the business
  • Effectively aligning IT investments and business goals

Principles for Aligning IT and the Business

The trusted IT advisor

  • Recognizing how trust feels
  • Defining trust in an IT organization
  • Building a trusted relationship

Business Relationship Management (BRM) roles

  • IT relationship management vs. IT project management
  • Discovering your strengths and weaknesses
  • Required technical and social competencies

Determining It's Current State

Defining a catalog of services

  • Identifying IT products and services
  • The components of an ideal catalog
  • Creating an initial catalog from scratch
  • Ranking services with metrics

Developing awareness of the organizational culture

  • The IntCRM Model
  • Overcoming common IT relationship barriers
  • Exploring how things get done in the organization
  • Applying tools for culture analysis

Building the Trusted Relationship

Knowing your stakeholders

  • The stakeholder relationship life cycle
  • Classifying the roles stakeholders play
  • The importance of stakeholder power and influence

Optimizing the first meeting

  • Planning the meeting
  • Models for understanding people
  • Explaining the role of the BRM
  • Confirming relationships and roles
  • Leaving with actions

Planning the relationship strategy

  • Analyzing the relationship
  • Recruiting trusted teams
  • Forming the plan
  • Executing the strategy

Facilitating Actionable IT Solutions

Performing competitive analysis

  • Evaluating IT outsourcing and consulting solutions
  • Establishing your competitive advantage

Identifying opportunities for improvement

  • Capturing, prioritizing and documenting business needs
  • Applying a framework for prioritizing and selecting projects
  • Picking quick-win projects

Designing a strategy to meet customer needs

  • Conducting a modified SWOT analysis
  • Questions you should ask
  • Making a go or no-go decision

Winning Competitive IT Projects

Responding to requests

  • Differentiating your services from your competitors'
  • Communicating your internal IT capabilities to the business
  • Validating business needs in business terms

Selling your solutions to the business

  • Translating IT speak to business speak
  • Linking IT solutions to pains
  • Articulating IT solutions in terms of business value
  • Writing clear, tailored Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Managing project handoffs

  • Ensuring a seamless transition
  • Creating and maintaining communication channels
  • Building the relationship

The IT relationship scorecard

  • Establishing performance metrics
  • Assessing BRM success
  • Analyzing results
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ezCourse Kit

  • 3 days of instructor-led training with an experienced trainer
  • BRMA – the Basics Guide
  • Guided discussions, exercises and practical assignments
  • Trainer’s guidance and tips on how to easily navigate the Exam
  • Post-workshop support through e-mail, telephone and webinars

Who is this Course for?

Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) training and certification program is intended for the aspiring to intermediate-level Business Relationship Managers and designed to provide a solid foundation-level knowledge of Business Relationship Management. BRMP® professional development program provides an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) and is ideally suited for project managers, business analysts, architects, external service providers; representatives of shared services organizations including IT, HR, Finance, Sales, Strategy Planning, etc.; business partners and anyone else interested in business value maximization.

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  • Multiple Choice format
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 25 mark or more required to pass (out of 50 available) - 50%
  • 40 minute duration
  • Closed book
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1. What is this course about?

In this course, you learn how to build stronger alignment between IT and your business partners through the practice of Business Relationship Management (BRM). Using practice sessions, self-assessments and role-playing activities, you practice the specific skills and behaviors of a Business Relationship Manager to achieve desired results.